Keith Holyoak a poet, translator of classical Chinese poetry, and cognitive
scientist, was raised on a dairy farm in British Columbia, Canada. His own
poems, as well as his translations of the classical Chinese poetry of Li Bai and Du Fu (aka Li Po and Tu Fu), have been published in numerous literary magazines in the US, England, Ireland, Austria, New Zealand and Canada. He is a member of PoetsWest.




In this volume of poems, Keith Holyoak explores the borderlands where dualities run together,despair and hope, reason and passion, human and animal, reality and dream. His poetic voice is juxtaposed with the surreal guitar music of his son Neil Holyoak. My Minotaur  contains a single disc with 19 songs.


Keith Holyoak’s apocalyptic poem, in the epic style of Dante’s Inferno, is read by the author and brought to life with a soundtrack by the raw punk instrumental group Mammal and illustration by Jim Holyoak.

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Poems of Li Bai

Keith Holyoak reads his translations of the classical Chinese poet Li Bai with accompaniment by an ancient Chinese instrument, the Qin.


Poems of Du Fu

Audio CD read by Keith Holyoak with accompaniment by the Gu Zheng Ensemble



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