new cassette release: mia lx ‘messy me’

Broken Electric announces its first ever cassette release: mia lx: messy me.

The cassette is a series of honest lofi arrangements and intimate confessions that range from press-and-play recordings to multi instrument tracks reduced down to a raw recorded form that juxtaposes with catchy melodic structure, for recording methods use the VHF wireless microphone system special for this projects.

These songs subtly gets their claws into you through the beautiful haze background noise.

mia lx has been immersed in music from a young age. Her delicate vocals take you on twisted metaphysical reflections of gender norms, everyday life, and counterculture. She records in secret on a broken iphone 4 and only began releasing music after it was leaked through underground cassette labels.  

“Mia’s music is kissed by the sun.” -Asal Shahindust What Youth magazine.

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