Reviews for Mia Loucks’ s Sister Honey Demos LP

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Reviews – October 2016

Mia Loucks Sister Honey Demos LP (Gilgongo)
Mia Loucks’ Sister Honey Demos continues the Gilgongo Records ethos of releasing records that label-owner James Fella simply wishes were in his personal collection, a methodology you can’t help but respect. According to the press info, he heard the tape back in 2015 (it was originally released on cassette by Related Records) and fell in love, particularly touting Loucks’s outsider-ness as a reason he was drawn in. I can certainly appreciate an artist that doesn’t hire a publicist and register their fancy Squarespace site before their first show, but music is enough of an outsider’s game at this point that it means less now than a couple decades ago. Anyway, getting back to Loucks, she plays acoustic guitar and sings, performing in a decidedly hushed and cozy style. Her songs, however, aren’t the sort of casual-strummed indie-folk you might anticipate, so much as down-picked, repetitive tunes that recall The Damned or Ramones more than Elliot Smith or Cat Power – they just happened to be performed by a woman on her acoustic guitar with little other accompaniment. “Demos” in the title seems to hint that these aren’t meant to be finished products, and that makes sense, seeing how full-band-ready they are, although on their own it’s a pleasant listen too. Clearly Loucks and Gilgongo are pleased with the quiet existence of Sister Honey Demos, so no matter what else happens they’ve already succeeded on their terms.


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