Making Music in Public Places: Advantages and Disadvantages

For anyone who is passionate about music, their ultimate dream is to become a big star. They take as an example some stars who started in public places, and start playing music in public places. This practice can lead them to break through or not win anything in the music world. Find out more through this article.

What are the benefits of playing music in public places?

In order to make a living from their passion and to let the general public discover their works, some musicians practise music in public places. They take it seriously and with musical instruments, produce a whole bunch of pieces that meet the criteria of good music. This practice gives them two great advantages. Firstly, when the musicians are talented, passers-by always stop listening. This gives them a reputation and, if they are lucky, they may find a producer who can help them realise their dream. The second advantage is the enrichment. Musicians who make a living from their passion in public places are enriched in two ways. They gain on the musical experience side and on the financial side. Regarding the latter, passers-by are generally not stingy if the musician is talented.

What are the disadvantages of this practice?

Being a musician and playing music in public places does not necessarily mean that this is the only way to achieve one's dreams. Indeed, breaking into the music business overnight by performing in public places is a fluke. So you can be present in these places and still be at the same stage. In the end, the musicians may impress the audience without making any profit. This does not help them at all if their goal is to be one of the big stars who rule the music world. What they normally have to do is to offer their talent for festive occasions and the like. In addition, these musicians face enormous constraints. In some places they are usually not allowed to make music, so they are chased by the police all the time. This is an unpleasant situation, but it can discourage them if they are not determined.