Making Music in Public Places: Advantages and Disadvantages

For anyone who is passionate about music, their ultimate dream is to become a big star. They take as an example some stars who started in public places, and start playing music in public places. This practice can lead them to break through or not win anything in the music world. Find out more through this article. What are the benefits of playing music in public places? In order to make a living from their passion and to let the general public discover their works, some musicians practise music... Read more

Tips for Breaking Into the Music Business

For a singer or musician, making a living from his or her passion is a real boon. This is why many artists put their heart and soul into making it big in the music business. However, this task is far from being trivial. So if you want to become a god in the music business, here is an article with some tips to help you. Making High Quality Music An artist who wants to break into the music business must follow a few principles, one of which is to put out great music. Indeed, producing high-quality... Read more

The Most Popular Musical Genres

• Today, everyone has some form of music that they enjoy. There are several musical genres, which means that there is a great diversity of music throughout the world. In this article, we will highlight the main musical genres that are practised in the world. Continue with this article to learn more. Rap music, the world's very first musical genre Rap music is a type of music that stands out from other music because of its rhythmic diction and especially its rhyme. It originated in the United Sta... Read more

Tips for finding inspiration and writing a song.

Symptoms of writer's block are not just for writers. Sometimes writing and composing songs happen spontaneously, while other times it seems to be an impossible situation. Musicians are often confronted with the latter situation when inspiration is completely lacking. However, just because there is no inspiration doesn't mean it stops there. Find out in this article some tips on how to find inspiration again. Books and news, sources of inspiration Inspiration is the main basis for writing a song.... Read more

Three Reasons to Practise music

Today, music is part of everyone's daily life. It is increasingly practised all over the world because of the many benefits it brings to the person who practises it and to those around him. So what are the benefits of music? Find out in this article. Practicing music brings balance and calmness Music is a crucial element in the development process of a human being. It is characterised by playing a musical instrument or singing, and contributes closely to the development of the personality. This... Read more