The Most Popular Musical Genres

Today, everyone has some form of music that they enjoy. There are several musical genres, which means that there is a great diversity of music throughout the world. In this article, we will highlight the main musical genres that are practised in the world. Continue with this article to learn more.

Rap music, the world's very first musical genre

Rap music is a type of music that stands out from other music because of its rhythmic diction and especially its rhyme. It originated in the United States in black neighbourhoods where injustice and police violence were at their worst. It represented a powerful army for black Americans who were victims of various acts that deprived them of their rights. In the beginning, it was mostly men who practised rap to denounce their miserable living conditions, especially racism. It is the essential basis of hip-hop culture, which is the most privileged way of life of the great artists of the moment. Today, it is no longer a weapon to denounce the inequalities of society. It is used by most to compete with each other in name-calling or to showcase their clothing styles. In short, it is no longer the powerful weapon it once was.

Rock music, a popular music of the moment.

Rock music is a most practised musical style nowadays. It borrows from various styles which means that today there is a panoply of rock music. However, these various styles are not totally different. They all converge on one very distinct style. The most likely clue to distinguish rock music is the way the music is presented. Most often, it features female or male singers. To make up a rock band, several instruments come into play. There is the electronic guitar, drums, a piano or electronic organ and a bass. However, trumpet, saxophone and other brass instruments can always be added to the orchestra to give the songs more atmosphere.